TelOne Directory Enquiry using PowerShell

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TelOne operates the Plain old telephone service (POTS) in Zimbabwe and provides a handy web page for doing phone number enquiries. But what if I want to do it in PowerShell or Python? What if I don’t want to open a browser and do enquiries?

Meet cURL and then stab at the TelOne enquiry page for a minute. Observe that the website makes a GET request to with this query string Directory?term=<subscriber number|name>.

The image below shows a snapshot of this request in IE with the Developer Tools open. Also observe the Content type returned.

TelOne GET Request in Browser Developer Tools

As a result using curl or the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet in PowerShell we can grab subscriber details on a phone number OR person name lookup.

$telone = [System.UriBuilder]::new("")

# InvokeWebRequest
$response = curl $telone.Uri -Method GET

In the example above we are search for subscriber details for someone with the name ngezi.

Running $response.Content outputs a string containing the response which in this case is json. Visually inspecting the json you can quickly see the results of an expected query.


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